As I’m sure just about everyone on the planet knows by now Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later hit stores yesterday. Despite my overwhelming desire to post a review based on the the copy I stumbled upon on interstate 84 a week or two ago I’ve managed to restrain myself until now. So without further delay..


To put it quite simply this is the best album ever. As a young caucasian male living in American suburbia I can really relate and connect to the raw emotion Drake put into these tracks. I’ll break it down track by track to prove my point.

1. Fireworks: Amazing. I’m not even going to lie, seeing him perform this live brought a tear to my eye. Or maybe I was full on crying. It happens.
2. Karaoke: Amazing.
3. The Resistance: Amazing.
4. Over: This song is played too much on Hot 93.7.
5. Show Me a Good Time: Amazing. I hope I get invited to the wedding for writing this stellar review.
6. Up All Night: Amazing.
7. Fancy: Amazing despite the fact that I can count both the amount of good songs featuring Swizz Beats and his IQ on two hands.
8. Shut It Down: Amazing. Totally worth The Dream coming out of retirement #14.
9. Unforgettable: Amazing and accurately describes this very album. I hold Young Jeezy in pretty low regards but he really picked it up for this track and put some of the other musically and mentally challenged featured “artists” like Jay Z to shame.
10. Light Up: Amazing despite Drake’s inclusion of another utterly talentless “artist”. I think he does it as sort of a community service, like how a normal person might volunteer at the special olympics.
11. Miss Me: Amazing but Wayne was sipping that sizzurp a little too hard when he dropped his verse.
12. Cece’s Interlude: Amazing. Yes, even the interlude is amazing.
13. Find Your Love: Moving. Emotional. Amazing.
14. Thank Me Later: Amazing. I’ll thank you right now for this fantastic album.

All in all that earns the album an overall rating of “Amazing”. If you haven’t bought a copy or twelve yet do yourself a favor and go do so.