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Dota 2 Updates!

Valve has released some new information regarding Dota 2, including a number of confirmed heroes (Axe, Sven, Tidehunter, Beastmaster, Riki).


Check out the article here


Blizzard just recently announced their foray into the DotA world. A small package of in house mods are in development, including a Blizzard version of DotA built on the SC2 engine.

Valve announces Dota 2

Apparently the fine gentlemen at GameInformer were able to get a bit of Dota2 playing time. Word is that it’s “already amazing”. Check out their article here.

Despite Valves propensity to re-imagine and re-invent entire game mechanics (ie. TF classic vs TF2) they’re actually on record claiming the original DotA All-Stars mechanics to be untouched. Lead designer Erik Johnson is quoted as saying “Dota2 is basically Dota All-Stars with new technology”.

The article shows off a few pieces of hero concept art as well. Check out the re-imagined luchadore bloodseeker here, pretty badass.


Joystiq’s been breaking some news about the goings-on at Valve in regards to their recent DOTA developments with Icefrog. Apparently a voice actor leaked that he was busy working on a new Defense of the Ancients, furthermore, it’s been uncovered that Valve has filed a “DOTA” trademark.

You can find the actual filing here.

I have been playing for a while now and have hosted pubs for the majority of that time so now I bring to you several tips to ensure your pub games will (usually) be successful. Obviously this stuff applies only to pubs.

This first tip is for before you even open Warcraft 3

1. Get banlist. Use banlist. Banlist provides three very important features not otherwise available: it lets you see where people are from, ping people, and ban people. The first two are important so that you don’t load into a game only to have 6 brazilians drop immediately from your US hosted game. The third, banning people, is crucial so that you don’t end up playing with the same confirmed idiots in the future. Keep in mind you don’t need to justify your local banlist to anyone but yourself. I have a simple rule for whether or not I will ban people. Would I want to play with this person again? If the answer is no then they go on my banlist. Simple as that. If you intend to share your local list this won’t work for you. If you don’t then go nuts.

The next few tips are for before the countdown starts

2. Anyone with DOTA in their name is 1) a leaver, 2) retarded, or 3) both. I don’t care how good you think you are at dota or how cool you think DoTa.PWNer is, you’re not playing in my games. I kick anyone with dota in their name no questions asked.

2.5. Anyone with a dota hero as their screenname should be treated the same as someone with DOTA in their name. Examples include: XxxTeRRoRblADExxX, ssskeleton_KING, facelessvoid67422.

3. Like people with dota names, Anyone with a name pertaining to alcohol, marijuana, or other illicit drugs is going to feed, leave, or both. I promptly kick them before the game starts. Examples: GANJA_MASTER, maryJANE420, xXxCRUNKEDkid13

4. This one can be complicated at first but you will master it quickly with practice. I’m going to break it into steps to make it easier to understand.

a) Take your left hand and place your ring finger on the escape key.
b) Place your thumb on the alt key.
c) Place your index finger on the F4 key.

This is to ensure you can swiftly cancel the game in the event of someone leaving during the countdown. The reason for the specific hand positioning is because the way the countdown works. Before the 3 count you can simply press escape to cancel the game and return to the chat screen. After the 3 count you must close the program entirely by pressing alt + f4, then open Warcraft again. Note that you can enable an option on banlist that willl make it automatically close the program in the event of a leaver during the countdown BUT this foregoes the option of hitting escape before that 3 count. Your program will always close in the event of a countdown leaver. It’s personal preference really but I like to have the option there because if someone stupidly leaves as soon as the countdown starts I don’t have to go through the trouble of restarting Warcraft.

Now onto the game

5. Don’t automatically ban people who lag while people are picking heroes. This is a tough one, especially for me since I typically ban people the second the 45 second countdown starts, but understand that some people do use computers made in circa 1850 that can run dota fine..just not for the first minute of the game when things are rather pc intensive. After everyone has picked heroes all bets are off; you lag, you’re banned.

6. Ban anyone who picks techies. Common sense here.

7. Anyone who calls solo as soon as the game starts (often before heroes are picked) is most likely going to leave around level 6-8. This is a sad fact of life. The best thing to do in this situation is to get close to his/her lane when you suspect the player will leave. This is so that when he inevitably leaves you will have the first chance to grab all his items.

8. Anyone who starts the game by buying Boots of Speed instead of any stats or regen is a noob and should be treated as such. This means they get a free ticket to my banlist and need a competent lane partner regardless of whether or not they called solo. It will pay off later if you choose to lane with them because like tip #7, when they inevitably leave you have first dibs on their inventory.

9. Anyone who builds Mekansm or similar items intended for teamplay is a noob and should be dealt with as described in tip #8. I know you are reading this and thinking WTF WHY WOULD THEY BE A NOOB FOR TRYING TO ACTUALLY PLAY AS A TEAM? or something similar. Well before you jump to conclusions hear me out. Pubs are not team games. They are like playing in pub Counter-Strike servers. It is essentially team deathmatch and you should understand that and play the game as such. There are only two reasons someone would make a Mekansm in a pub: a) they’re playing Meepo (which should set off some alarm in your head already) or b) they’re a noob and got their item build from a guide here on the forums. It’s great they are trying and all but most of the guides here are not made for pubs, they’re made for organized games (read: games with actual team play). Going Mek, Necrobook 3 simply does not work in a pub -apem game where the nine other players will feed with agi carriers until level 20 when they finish saving for Butterfly or Radiance and suddenly start raping you like an innocent japanese school girl. It’s a harsh reality but it’s just that: reality. If someone doesn’t understand that then they’re a noob and should be treated as such (see tip #8).

10. That’s all I can think of for now but stay tuned as there will be plenty more in the future! With these 10 tips memorized you will surely host more successful pubs. I GARAUNTEE IT (despite being unable to spell garauntee)! gl hf

TacticGroove, a member of Dota-allstars, has posted about a DotA-like project in the works for the SC2 engine.

Here is a small sample of the terrain:

The team needs all the help they can get, mappers modders and bloggers, if you have the time, and the will, get on board and help out!